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    South Godstone, Surrey
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I will still be posting bits up on this photography site but my main site now is now SPLDESIGN and I hope you like the work I have been doing. Check out the tattoos I have been doing. Undergoing an apprenticeship as we speak and having so much fun but working equally as hard!


Diamond Anniversary

Other than feeling under the weather, I had an amazing time relaxing in the sun with the Sheppard’s celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary of Nan & Grandad Sheppard. Didn’t get as involved with the camera as I had hoped but I’m happy with what I got overall. (Click on the images to enlarge)             … Continue reading

FOR SALE. BMX custom

 more info to follow. Any bids or takers please contact: sharnie87@hotmail.co.uk built only last Summer and hardly ridden!


(click thumbnails to enlarge) Yet another trip to london and another outcome as usual. This time instead of focusing on people, LDN, materials, textures and urbanization I looked at the structure and atmosphere of London focusing on areas such as the Barbican, St Paul’s, Museum of London and Covent Garden. I visited the Street Photography … Continue reading


As part of my uni project I have decided to go with the love of photography and focus on something that I’ve always wanted to do. Making small collections of swatches from all the photoshoots I’ve done in London.  Once my project has finished I will put these pieces in a store to sell in … Continue reading

‘wearyourfrom’ goes to camden

Following from the sticker shoot in Camden last week I thought it best to involve the people themselves. Getting a few/alot of shots of the product in its home town. I wanted to create a really lid back and casual atmosphere and in order to do this i had to literally follow everyone around with … Continue reading


It’s not often I do posts about myself but in this instance I want to share my new piece art. Very first tattoo and a very successful one at that. I love it. Sunflower symbolizes happiness and rose, beauty. I plan to extend it into a half sleeve maybe one day.

I love Camden…

(click on image to enlarge) Yesterday I went into London to take a few photos for uni project/magazine I’m slowly putting together. I took a few LDN stickers with me and went round Camden mainly and tagged. Shame I didn’t have any with the WYF website as people would know what the stickers were all … Continue reading