Crawley BMX Jam

Here they are. All the better photos taken at the Crawley BMX Jam last Sunday. After a heavy night of alcohol I was finding it a little difficult to focus which is why some photos may not be up to scratch but they were all worth putting up anyway just to show you what was going on. There was some raw talent going on at the comp and was such a good atmosphere and thankfully graced with dry weather! Had fun taking these photos and generally being there with friends seeing as I would have missed it if I didn’t book the day off work! Hope you all like them and feel free to leave a comment.

I’ve had a fiddle with the photo editing and used a number of techniques and effects to see what works. So you shall see a bit of fish-eye action, black and white, differences in aperture and exposure so there is alot of mix up and variation. Enjoy!

Hope Aaron don’t mind but it was such an epic bail and I managed to capture every second of a failed flip. I thought it was all over but he got straight back up no problem and nailed it the second time. Here is one of the shots.

Just also wanted to add a little bit of LDN/WYF in there. Matt’s freshly stickered bike laid gracefully in the background so I took the opportunity to take a few snaps of his work. And obviously he had to have a little scribble on the table! Ian Walls’ brand new Fly also modelled itself beautifully whilst chillin on the fence next to matt’s. Shame it didn’t make an appearance in the comp this year but I know my Fellow Fly will shred it next time! šŸ˜‰

And a big shout to the judges and drunken commentator Ben, Andy, Matt and James šŸ™‚

for more photos, check out Crawley BMX Jam…edited

5 Responses to “Crawley BMX Jam”
  1. joeandrews says:

    fantastic series of action shots.. very nice work!!

  2. Yes blud lovin your work as always!! Sum super good shots there! I’ll link u over when I get a second!! Wicked!!

  3. Pure sex sum of those photos

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